Cut the power cord - no more clumsy plugs

i5 wireless charging receiver is a more powerful (700mAh) version of the WiQiQi Samsung receiver; with a thin ribbon and iPhone 5 compatible connector at the end.  It takes only seconds to attach the i5 to the iPhone 5.  It is smaller and thinner than a credit card and will fit under and work with any soft case.

Media Reviews


WiQiQi charging receiver is thin enough to slip under the existing cases ... without disrupting the design or wrecking compatibility with accessories.

Android Authority

Monster Watts WiQiQi brings wireless charging to newer Samsung Galaxy handsets, without adding extra bulk

Laptop Mag

Thinness of its receiver, giving you the capability to switch cases and back covers whenever you want

Why It's Important To You

You will not forget to charge your phone, or fumble with the wire at night.  You will not pull the charger out of the wall to answer a call, accidentally break the connector, or drop the phone.

How It Works

Wireless charging requires two parts:

  • A receiver in the phone to convert induction energy into electricity to charge the battery
  • An external charging pad that transmits induction energy safely and efficiently

Why WiQiQi Products Are Considered Better
The WiQiQi line of ultra thin wireless receivers add wireless charging to your Galaxy phone in seconds.  

»All copper coil wires and contacts, smaller components, and tougher materials make them better than others.

The WiQiQi wireless charging pads also work with other Qi standard devices - such as the Nexus 7.

»The control circuitry and components are higher grade - resulting in lower than average failure rates.

»WiQiQI charging pads have standard micro USB connectors and work with any standard AC adapter and cable.

WiQiQi Charging Pads work with all Qi receiver eqipped phones, and tablets such as the Nexus 7.
An AC adapter and USB cable are included.

Qi is a licensed trademark of 
The Wireless Power Consortium